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For athletes, by athletes

It takes an athlete to treat an athlete, and this is exactly why Dr. Paul and Dr. Tim Marando are able to keep you moving. Having competed in sports from hockey and baseball, to cycling and weightlifting has provided them with the understanding of how the body functions under various athletic conditions.

Whether treating professional athletes or common injuries, we apply the same advanced techniques and methods that achieve quick and lasting results.

Dr. Paul and Dr. Tim’s continued involvement with sports extends beyond participation, to treating at both the local and professional level; including marathons and Ironman races to professional sport teams and Olympic lifting meets.

This has helped to shape their understanding of each individual athlete’s needs and goals. Like you, the doctors don’t like to be on the sideline, so keeping you pain-free and moving is their primary goal.

The doctors understanding of sport biomechanics works to keep you active regardless of what injury you present with.

Your Sports Rehabilitation Doctors

If you haven’t noticed yet, Tim and Paul are brothers.  Dr. Paul and Dr. Tim have been surrounded by health care and sports their entire life, having grown up playing competitive sports and being sons of a Chiropractor who treated many of the athletes in their home town.  This early exposure helped develop their passion for patient care and physical rehabilitation which lead them to follow in their father’s footsteps.

Since 2002, Dr. Tim and Dr. Paul have developed Physicians Plus into a progressive physical medicine and sports therapy clinic that treats musculoskeletal injuries from the head to the feet.  The doctors understand that no two patient’s injuries are the same.  That’s why they emphasize individualized treatment plans that address each patient’s specific needs.  The doctors also focus on detailed patient education and introduce self-care through home exercises. This helps the patients better understand their injury and how to take care of themselves which keeps them doing what they love.

The doctors have taken their education above and beyond when trying to understand the body, its biomechanics, and how to efficiently diagnose and rapidly treat their patients.  The doctors have advanced their treatment skills by becoming certified in Active Release Techniques® (ART®), Graston Technique®, McKenzie Method®, and Fascial Distortion Model TM and have taken many rehabilitation seminars to help improve their patients’ recovery time.

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Client Love ...

"I could not train and get the results I get without Dr. Marando's excellent care.  He has provided treatment for me both as a top performing athlete and as a regular person."
Eileen N.
"The talented crew at Physicians Plus worked their magic by using the latest therapies and proper supplementation, and I was able to compete pain free to help my team win the 2010 Men's Health Urbanthlon relay! Many thanks go to Dr. Paul, and I'm sure he'll see even more CFC athletes in the future."
Mike H.
"Dr. Marando fixes me up when nothing else works. If you've never tried Active Release Technique, I would highly recommend it!"
Laurie W.
"Dr. Paul and Dr. Tim are worth 6 stars, but Yelp only allows 5. Hands down, the most professional and thorough team to help you bounce back from an injury."
Cory B.
"Dr. Paul and Dr. Tim are fantastic and I can't say enough good things about Physicians Plus. Runners don't have to suffer through pain. Physicians Plus can help!"
Lori N.
"Went in for lower back pain. Got my knee & shoulder injury fixed as well. Dr. Tim and Dr. Paul are the best at what they do. Miracle doctors!"
Ryan G.