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Expert Chiropractor - Roscoe Village and Surrounding AreasRoscoe Village Graston Technique, McKenzie Method or Active Release Technique – Roscoe Village Physical Rehab

Physicians Plus Chiropractic & Sports Rehabilitation’s Dr. Paul and Dr. Tim Marando are able to keep you moving comfortably with services like our functional rehabilitation or Active Release Techniques. Growning up in a household surrounded by health care and sports, it’s no wonder their passion for helping people continued to flourish. Voted as the best sports rehab center & best sports medicine doctors in the midwest, we are proud to support our clients with the latest in sports medicine techniques.


Roscoe Village Sports Chiropractor and Functional RehabilitationSports Rehab in Roscoe Village: Chiropractor, Functional Medicine, Sports Medicine and More

Graston Technique, Active Release Techniques, and the McKenzie Method are just a few of the treatment solutions we stay up-to-date on. Our doctors are certified in the most advanced rehabilitation methods available, and are happy to offer them to those who live near Roscoe Village. Active Release Techniques have become very popular among recovering athletes with back or shoulder pain, whiplash, hip pain, headaches, running injuries and more. Since 2002, Physicians Plus has been one of the most progressive physical medicine and sports therapy clinics in Roscoe Village.

Perfect for any individual, regardless of your fitness level, Active Release Techniques are beneficial for virtually anyone feeling pain or discomfort. Visit our pages on Active Release Techniques, Graston Technique, and the McKenzie Method to learn more about the sports rehab options we offer, and how they can transform your life.

We work with many athletes who are involved in a variety of sports, such as:

  • Swimming
  • Golf
  • Triathlon
  • Weightlifting
  • Hockey
  • CrossFit
  • Cycling
  • Running
  • Tennis

Get Lasting Results with Roscoe Village Active Release TechniqueFeel Great with Sports Medicine and Functional Rehabilitation in Roscoe Village

Whether you’re looking for the best sports chiropractor Roscoe Village has to offer, functional medicine, or the Graston Technique, Roscoe Village sports medicine specialists listen to your goals and concerns when designing a treatment plan for you. Many sports medicine clinics forget that every patient is different, so treating the person instead of just the symptoms can speed the recovery time up. Just one small injury can impact the rest of your body enormously without you even knowing it.

Physicians Plus is proud to be voted as...

The Best Sports Rehab Center &

Best Sports Medicine Doctors in the Midwest

Client Love ...

"I could not train and get the results I get without Dr. Marando's excellent care.  He has provided treatment for me both as a top performing athlete and as a regular person."
Eileen N.
"The talented crew at Physicians Plus worked their magic by using the latest therapies and proper supplementation, and I was able to compete pain free to help my team win the 2010 Men's Health Urbanthlon relay! Many thanks go to Dr. Paul, and I'm sure he'll see even more CFC athletes in the future."
Mike H.
"Dr. Marando fixes me up when nothing else works. If you've never tried Active Release Technique, I would highly recommend it!"
Laurie W.
"Dr. Paul and Dr. Tim are worth 6 stars, but Yelp only allows 5. Hands down, the most professional and thorough team to help you bounce back from an injury."
Cory B.
"Dr. Paul and Dr. Tim are fantastic and I can't say enough good things about Physicians Plus. Runners don't have to suffer through pain. Physicians Plus can help!"
Lori N.
"Went in for lower back pain. Got my knee & shoulder injury fixed as well. Dr. Tim and Dr. Paul are the best at what they do. Miracle doctors!"
Ryan G.