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Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization® (DNS)

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Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization® (DNS)

What is Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization® (DNS)?

Chronic pain can significantly influence your lifestyle, since the idea of being active can sound impossible when you’re feeling sore. At Physicians Plus, we’re dedicated to creating effective pain management strategies for our patients. We utilize proven techniques to reduce your symptoms and help you accomplish a healthier lifestyle. Through Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization®, patients can manage muscular stiffness and pain. To learn if this treatment is right for you, read more below, and contact our doctors for a private wellness consultation.

Our bodies are a complex system of neural pathways, muscles, bones and tissues that all interconnect and communicate with each other. The neural system develops patterns that regulate a person’s posture, movement, and gait. In the first few crucial years of life, this “motor control” is significantly developed. Therefore, to evaluate and correct locomotor system dysfunction and related disorders, the “Prague School” places particular emphasis on neurodevelopmental elements of motor control.

DNS has a long history of development that took place over the course of decades. The Prague School of Rehabilitation and Manual Medicine was established by some of the most prominent neurologists and psychiatrists, including Professors Vaclav Vojta, Karel Lewit, Vladimir Janda and Frantisek Vele, and monumental progress was made in the rehabilitation movement in the 20th Century.

Pavel Kolar has established a new generation of clinical protocols to restore and stabilize locomotor function that’s founded on groundbreaking principles regarding neurodevelopmental and rehabilitation. The new approach to rehabilitation became known as Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization® (DNS), which physicians to this day continue to use for myriad health problems in patients.

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The theory and practical application of DNS are utilized with most patients depending on their presenting injury. The concept of motor control and locomotor restoration can have a profound effect on almost all conditions; therefore, the introduction of these methods to patients can be vital to the patient’s recovery and keeping them injury free. DNS is a rehabilitation approach that restores locomotor control by stimulating movement control centers in the brain. Essentially, the treatment utilizes functional exercises to reteach your body how it should be moving. Additionally, functional exercises co-activate the brain to automatically stimulate optimal movement patterns. The goal is to increase your stability and control of movements through repetition, and as a result, you’ll perform these movements unconsciously.

Is DNS Right for Me?

Simply put, DNS is beneficial for everyone, including older adults, professional athletes and those with chronic neurological disorders. DNS can also treat unbalanced movement patterns in younger patients. Individuals can expect outstanding results alongside our knowledgeable team at Physicians Plus. We use these techniques to further your long-term goals by providing in-depth treatment that is tailored to you. We foster mind-body awareness in our patients to help them develop proper movement that feels natural.

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Physicians Plus is dedicated to helping our patients find individualized solutions to their health-related goals. DNS is one of the best treatments for unbalanced movements and is highly effective. Play an active role in the betterment of your health: contact our team to schedule a consultation.

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Physicians Plus is committed to treating patients using methods that consider your individual physical health. Every person has unique movement patterns that they may not even be aware of, along with their own personal health history. Using this information, our physicians can treat muscle pain, back pain, migraines, sports injuries and more at their root cause. We use various chiropractic techniques to relieve your symptoms, including the Graston Technique®, McKenzie Method® and Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization®, to name a few.

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