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Mckenzie Method®

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Mckenzie Method®

What is The Mckenzie Method®?

The McKenzie Method® is a complete system of patient care and is trusted and used by practitioners and patients all over the world for back, neck, and extremity problems. Most pain is defined as “mechanical,” which means that the pain is caused by movement, activity or position.

Essentially, the McKenzie theory is founded on the belief that reverse force frequently eliminates pain and restores function. McKenzie relies on the patient’s ability to understand its principles and allows them to have control of their own recovery, reducing their dependency on medications. The McKenzie Method® also supports the body’s innate potential to heal itself naturally.



If you’re frequently dealing with pain, tingling and stiffness, a sports injury doctor can treat your symptoms through an integrated approach. At Physicians Plus, we use The McKenzie Method® to eliminate symptoms and accurately understand the exact physical components that are leading to our patient’s discomfort. As a result, patients play an active role in bettering their health. If you’re ready to live a pain-free life, visit us to build an effective pain management strategy alongside our chiropractors.

Components of the McKenzie Method®

The McKenzie Method® is unique due to its thorough and efficient step-by-step evaluation of the patient’s health issues. The majority of ailments can be “classified” by this mechanical testing based on how much discomfort or mobility restriction they experience during particular movements or postures Through the McKenzie® assessment, patients can avoid the need for costly and invasive treatments. Research demonstrates that the first McKenzie® assessment is as dependable as other expensive diagnostic imaging tests, such as x-rays and MRIs, allowing patients to find the root cause of their problems and quickly find responsive solutions.


The McKenzie Method® uses a comprehensive classification system to determine your syndrome’s specific nature. There are three major classifications that conditions fall within:

  • Postural Syndrome. If your condition was the result of recurrent and prolonged postures that impact joints, muscles or tendons, it is considered a postural syndrome.
  • Dysfunction Syndrome. A dysfunction syndrome is pain that results from scarring, shortening and other changes to connective tissue. Symptoms tend to be accompanied by loss of movement.
  • Derangement Syndrome. The hallmark of derangement syndrome is sensitivity caused by certain movements, and as a result, the patient prefers other movements.

The McKenzie® treatment involves a set of customized exercises. Active patient participation is prioritized, which reduces the number of clinic visits. Ultimately, the majority of patients find relief through this treatment when they are given the information and resources they need. If a patient has a more complex mechanical issue, a certified McKenzie® specialist can deliver an advanced hands-on approach until the patient is able to self-administer.


By knowing how to treat their ongoing health problem, patients will develop a hands-on understanding of how to lower the risk of recurring symptoms and how to quickly eliminate them if they do occur. The chance of conditions persisting can usually be prevented using the McKenzie® model.

Become an Active Participant in Your Wellbeing

The McKenzie Method® offers a host of wellness benefits and encourages patients to actively engage in their own recovery. Discover a wide range of solutions at Physicians Plus by contacting us today for a private consultation.

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Physicians Plus is committed to treating patients using methods that consider your individual physical health. Every person has unique movement patterns that they may not even be aware of, along with their own personal health history. Using this information, our physicians can treat muscle pain, back pain, migraines, sports injuries and more at their root cause. We use various chiropractic techniques to relieve your symptoms, including the Graston Technique®, McKenzie Method® and Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization®, to name a few.

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