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Melanie C.

Physicians Plus is amazing! Dr. Paul and Dr. Tim are extremely knowledgeable and attentive – you always feel like they have your best interests at heart and care a great deal about your specific issue. I first started seeing Dr. Paul in 2013 due to back pain, but have also received assistance for hip and knee pain over the years. Most recently he helped me with lower back and hamstring tightness that was also causing knee pain, which was impacting my running. Over the course of several weeks, Dr. Paul got me back into running shape and I just completed the Chicago Ragnar without pain!

Visits involve not only alignments, but also therapy and often “homework” exercises to help maintain gains over the long term. I have to admit, my posture has never been better! I have recommended Physicians Plus to numerous friends and colleagues and will continue to do so without hesitation.

Rudy T.

“These guys are great! I had 11+ weeks of ulnar nerve pain (caused somewhere from carrying a newborn as well as getting hyperextended) when I finally went to see them. It got to the point where I was up multiple times a night because of pain. After 5 weeks of treatment Dr. Paul was able to alleviate the shooting nerve pain. He was able to work around my limited ability only to make it only ONCE a week as well as continue to participate in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (3x a week) I just started. Dr. Paul was even able to have his partner/brother Dr. Tim fill in so I didn’t miss a treatment as he was out with his own, very first newborn! The dedication of the staff to their clients is phenomenal. So thankful for the multimode treatment they used to bring me out of pain and back to normal function.”

Tori C.

“I can’t say enough great things about Physicians Plus.  I have sent numerous people here and everyone has thanked me for the great referral. From everything to bad knees, sore back, immobile neck and years and years of ankle problems, Dr. Paul has been wonderful with all. I personally haven’t seen Dr. Tim, but friends have and have reported that he is just as wonderful as his bro. They listen, explain exactly what they plan to do, work out a recovery and treatment plan, do everything they can to help those of us without insurance, and do it all with a wonderful smile and incredible patience. The office is small and they know everybody by first name. Jess is a rockstar and is just as wonderful as the docs. I would recommend this place to ANYONE for ANYTHING. I really can’t say enough great things!”

Matthew D.

Dr. Paul and Tim are both masters of their craft. I was in crisis mode with leg and hip pain and they saved me, both mentally and physically. They are great guys that genuinely care about you and take pride in doing their best work. You can trust them!

Titus A.

“Can’t say enough good things about Physician Plus. I have seen Dr. Tim a few times off and on for a couple of years for knee, and most recently back issues. He is available, responsive, amiable, and most importantly, excellent in his doctoring skills. He “gets into” the muscle via ART and gets immediate results.  I’ve seen more than a few chiropractors in my lifetime, and while I don’t need Physician Plus consistently, they are the first place where I turn when faced with an issue with my active, ailing and aging body.”

Randy V.

I highly recommend the therapeutic services of Dr. Paul and Tim Marando at Physicians Plus. I first began treatment following a bout of Piriformis Syndrome, which had left me sidelined from running for nearly two months; within a few weeks of treatment, I was back to running and able to resume marathon training. I have since returned for their assistance anytime I begin to feel an endurance sport related ache or pain. Their athletic backgrounds, work with active release therapy, and prescription of at-home strength building exercise are just what I need to remain competitive and pain free in both running and triathlon related events.

Hannah S.

I have been seeing Dr. Paul for almost two years now. He puts you at ease and has helped me tremendously with my lower back pain. Everyone there is so incredibly sweet and friendly, they really make you feel comfortable. With everything going on with Covid-19, they gave us the option to do telehealth sessions which was a great option to continue treatment. It wasn’t the same as going in, BUT it kept you working on therapy techniques to improve whatever ailment you are dealing with until they opened up again. I would recommend Physicians Plus to anyone!! 🙂

Mike M.

Dr. Paul and Dr. Tim are the best. I have been going to them for close to 9 years. Their understanding of sports injuries is second to none, and have kept me moving throughout long triathlon seasons putting me back together on more than one occasion. I can’t recommend them enough!

Charlie S.

If I could give Dr. Tim more stars and more referrals (I definitely send anyone I know who needs his services) I would. I’ve never felt this mobile in 15 years. The fact that he is so knowledgeable and my regimen + ‘homework’ evolves each week gives me reason to recommend him to anyone looking for rehabilitation and mobility work. His staff is utterly professional and they make sure my schedule works with mine.

Steven K.

Extremely fortunate to find Dr Tim. He is excellent at his trade and solved an injury I was having. He is patient, thorough, and to top it all, a great personality. Kelly at the front desk is welcoming and informative. A+ Team. Highly recommend their service.

Scott T.

Best chiropractic brothers in the business. Excellent office staff and clean and friendly place.

Dr. Paul Marando is a great provider. He is a caring and compassionate chiropractor who cares not only about his patients but people who call for chiropractic advice. My friend was recently diagnosed with a compact fracture and Dr. Paul called to check on how my friend was doing during business hours and how he could help after the spinal situation had been resolved. I absolutely love this clinic and these gentlemen brothers who have a family legacy of chiropractic care. I firmly recommend anyone who is interested in seeking out chiropractic care look into the brothers DR. PAUL AND DR. TIM at this clinic. As an aside; their front desk manager Kelly is a warm and caring person who makes small talk before treatment a pleasure . Kudos to this family owned chiropractic clinic. I love physicians plus!

Dennis H.

Can’t say enough good things about Dr. Paul and Dr. Tim. As a gym owner, personal trainer and avid weightlifter my health is vital to not only support myself but also my hobby.

I’ve known Dr. Paul for 15+ years back when I used to manage Xsport Fitness in Lakeview. He has always been super knowledgable, very helpful and unbelievably supportive to his community.

I’ve had a ton of injuries through sports, weightlifting and most recently old age(ha) and he has helped me through all of them. Last month coming out of quarantine, I was having a lot of mid to lower back pain. I saw him twice a week for four weeks working on stretches, ART, physical therapy exercises and I felt 1000x’s better. I got back into a full week of CrossFit and didn’t feel any pain whatsoever even during heavy deadlifts. Can’t thank him enough yet again for getting me well enough to live my life.
I have recommended and will continue to recommend all of my clients and members of my gym to see both Dr. Paul and Dr. Tim. They’ve all had the same experience…Amazing! Keep rocking guys and thank you!!!

Rondi R.

I can’t recommend Dr. Tim high enough! I’ve seen him for several years and through several phases—from help with running pain to pregnancy and beyond. After I developed arthritis in a joint, he kept me mobile and pain free. He’s extremely knowledgeable and I trust him completely with my care. Both Dr. Tim and his brother Dr. Paul are great guys who know their stuff!

Laurie W.

Dr. Marando fixes me up when nothing else works.  If you’ve never tried Active Release Technique, I would highly recommend it! This technique goes way beyond a traditional “adjustment”. There are multiple providers in the Chicago area who are certified practitioners, but having tried several of them, I can say that Dr. Marando’s method works better for me!”

Stephanie E.

“I was 2 weeks into my first marathon training and suffered an excruciatingly painful lower back injury; I could hardly walk.  In 3 visits, Dr. Paul had me walking with minimal pain.  In less than 2 weeks (only 7 visits) I was back with my running group and able to complete the long distance without any pain before, during or after!  I continue to work with Dr. Paul and have noticed considerable improvements in strength, stability and running efficiency.  His commitment to healing his patients quickly and keeping them active during therapy is a rarity. His genuine care for his patient’s well-being is refreshing. Miracle Worker!

Martin G.

“I got my first appointment within 24 hours of my injury. Diagnosis on the spot. Treatment plan determined. 2 weeks later I’m healed. Compare that to waiting a month to see a specialist, getting a referral to a physical therapist, and then beginning treatment. That’s closer to 2 months before recovery for a minor muscle pull.”

Mike P.

“I went to Physicians Plus as I had tightness in my leg due to heavy weight training for a few years with improper form. Dr. Paul took care of me and got me back under the squat bar in no time. Without Dr. Paul, I wouldn’t have been able to place as well in my first bodybuilding show. I am now able to get the most out of my leg training, and would recommend Dr. Paul to any athlete. Go see Dr. Paul, he will fix your problem!”

Eileen N.

“I could not train and get the results I do without Dr. Marando’s excellent care.  He has provided treatment for me both as a top performing athlete, and as a regular person, suffering from common ailments like stiff neck and physical imbalances. The care and professionalism is unmatched. I imagine it is like the old days where your doctor knew about you and your family’s health and had time to address all issues.”

Mike H.

“I recently competed in my first 50 mile ultra marathon, and it left my right knee in a lot of pain. Unfortunately, I only had four weeks to recover and prepare for my next race. A number of athletes from my gym, CrossFit Chicago, told me to go straight to see Dr. Paul. The talented crew at Physicians Plus worked their magic by using the latest therapies and proper supplementation, and I was able to compete pain free to help my team win the 2010 Men’s Health Urbanthlon relay! Many thanks go to Dr. Paul, and I’m sure he’ll see even more CFC athletes in the future.”

Christian C.

I was referred to Dr. Paul for a shoulder injury from lifting weights and I am extremely happy with how much he has helped me recover from this injury. I’m finally working out and again and I barely feel any pain. He is very professional and explains every procedure in a detailed manner. He has also helped me improve my posture during my day to day work routine. I highly recommend Dr. Paul and his team (Kelly is always very nice at the front desk).

Cory B.

Dr. Paul and Dr. Tim are worth 6 stars, but Yelp only allows 5. Hands down, the most professional and thorough team to help you bounce back from an injury or help keep you maintained and loose. You’ll be kept aware and informed throughout your treatment schedule and they always ensure your questions are answered, no rushing around.”

Frank K.

“Over the past 25 years I have completed 20 Ironman races along with numerous other triathlons, marathons, and bike rides. When competing at this level, there is rarely an off-season, which makes me susceptible to overuse injuries. I have worked closely with Dr. Marando over the past five years, and he has kept me ‘in the game.’ He has treated an assortment of injuries and I can proudly say I have never missed a planned event, due in large part to his responsive and effective therapy and counsel. His treatment plans are individualized and are based solely on the needs of the patient and his years of experience. I have recommended many athletes to him and will continue to do so future.”

Lori N.

“Dr. Paul and Dr. Tim, fantastic and I can’t say enough good things about Physicians Plus to others.  Last year they treated an IT Band injury, and I was able to run the marathon almost pain free.  Right now I am being treated for a knee injury, and I am confident that with their expertise I’ll be able to run the marathon again this year.  They always great you with a friendly smile, and rarely do I ever have to wait. Runners don’t suffer through pain Physicians Plus can help!

Stephanie R.

“I was treated by Dr. Tim for a nasty case of plantar fasciitis.  He recommended we begin with ART (Active Release Technique) and then we moved on to Graston Technique, both of which made huge improvements in my foot pain. Every staff member is extremely professional and accommodating, and also very knowledgeable about all of the treatments they offer.  The doctor was always quick to see me for my appointment time, and he made sure to make himself available to answer all of my questions. If I could give this place ten stars I would!

Johnny V.

“What a great staff and team! I’ve been seen by both Drs Paul and Tim and have nothing but the best things to say about their professionalism and knowledge. They get to the bottom of the problem and use the least invasive treatments first. They also test and retest to see that treatments are and aren’t working. I’ve recommend Physicians Plus to others and will continue to do so.”

Ryan G.

“Went in for lower back pain. Got my knee & shoulder injury fixed as well. Dr. Tim and Dr. Paul are the best at what they do. Miracle doctors!

Patrick C.

“I found this place via Yelp when looking for some assistance with a partially torn calf muscle. Everyone on staff was kind, knowledgeable, flexible and most importantly, effective.  I believe with all of my heart that the work that they do there helped me recover faster.  While I hope to never need their rehabilitation services again, I will certainly go to them directly if I am ever injured.”

Max P.

“This is a great place for Active Release Treatments. They always give great advice. They healed my arms a couple years ago and I just went for my knees because I have been biking a lot.”

Jeff Z.

“Dr. Paul has gone above and beyond to see me quickly due to terrible back pains/spasms. He came in on a Sunday when they weren’t even open which was amazing. I’ve gone for 2 weeks now and things are certainly headed in the right direction for my back issues. I highly recommend him and Physicians Plus!”

Sarah M.

This place is amazing. Dr. Tim helped me with several running injuries while training for a marathon. Even though they are always busy (because they are amazing) you never feel like you are “just another patient”. They are very thorough and take the time to meet your individual needs. The entire staff goes above and beyond to make you feel welcome and comfortable. Highly recommended!”

Guillermo P.

“I have been a bodybuilder for over 20 years. Every year I compete in a minimum of 3 shows, often enduring several injuries between each show due to my intensive training. Dr. Marando has been able to correct everything from low back pain to plantar fasciitis. I’ve never had to cancel a competition, and I look forward to many more thanks to Dr. Marando’s expertise.”


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